Saturday, June 30, 2012

All is Well

Wow, life with a newborn is hectic! I don't have much time to write updates, but I know many of you have been waiting for more news and to hear about Andrew's birth story. I am doing the best I can, but we've had tons of visitors and it's been difficult to find any time to get on the computer! I promise I will do my best to write out the birth story next week. For now, though, I'll just say that I am so in love with this little man!

Motherhood isn't easy and I've had my share of "oh God, what have we done?" moments, but every time I stare into Andrew's sweet little face or touch his tiny little hands, my heart just melts. :) Here are a few more recent pictures. I'll try to update again soon!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Andrew is here!!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to write a quick update to say that Andrew George was born Tuesday, June 12th at 6:04 PM. He weighed 9lbs. 3 oz. and is 20 3/4 inches long. I hope to have more time to update soon, but know that we are all healthy and happy and are adjusting to life at home. The labor and delivery was not easy. We had several complications that led to a difficult emergency c-section, which is exactly what I had wanted to avoid. It's been an emotional and exhausting week, but all that matters is that Andrew is here and healthy. I never knew I could love another human being so much!!

Since I don't have more time to update not, I figured I would share a few pictures for now and head to bed! I hope to share more of our birth story later this weekend.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

39 Weeks and Any Day Now

I have been (im)patiently waiting Andrew's arrival! It's such a weird and beautiful and terrifying chapter in life, isn't it? There really aren't that many moments in our lives where things change so completely. Sometimes we don't even see the catalyst of the change, it simply comes upon us when we least expect it. A car accident (heaven forbid). Falling in love.

37 Weeks
Other times, we know the change is coming. We've been working toward it. Preparing for it. Like with high school graduation or moving to a new city to start a new job. Most of the time, though, we have a date set and we have some control of the time and place of the change.

When it comes to having a baby, though, these last few weeks are much tougher than I ever thought they would be. I mean, I've known this life-altering moment was coming. The second I saw that double line on the pregnancy test, I knew it was coming. But now that it's here, I feel like I'm just standing on the edge of some strange in-between world. Not quite a mother, but not quite NOT a mother. Every time a pressure wave (hypnobabies term for contraction) hits, I think, "Is this it?" I get excited and nervous, then I try to calm down and rest, but then I finally realize after hours of them only coming every 10 minutes and not getting stronger, that this is, in fact, NOT IT. Not yet.

As some of you may know, my doctors want very badly to induce. Their reasons are mainly the fact that I have gestational diabetes and that my blood pressure is creeping up and up. So far, their reasons have not been good enough for me to agree to pitocin and all its risks. A week ago Friday, I agreed to my first cervical check just to see how far along I was. To my surprise, I was already 3cms dilated and 60% effaced. Andrew was at -1 station, which means his head was pretty low. Everything was pointing toward me going into my birthing time without a medical induction, so I was pretty excited. Monday and Wednesday of last week, I had membranes stripped in an attempt to encourage a more natural, med-free induction. (Wed. I had progressed to 4cms dilated, 70% effaced and baby at 0 station) Basically, all that did was throw my body in pre-labor or false-labor where I had pressure waves every night for several hours that never turned into real labor.

39 Weeks! Look how low he's dropped!
All of this stop and start has been tough. Especially because now that I'm past 39 weeks, my doctors are becoming very anxious. I won't go into all my feelings on this because that would take too long and you probably really don't want to hear it all, but let's just say that I feel that I'm now on a ticking time clock to go into labor on my own. Of course, I want what's best for Andrew. That goes without saying. I just feel right now that induction with pitocin is more dangerous than letting him stay where he is a little longer. I'm just not sure at what point that flips around for me. When does pitocin and induction really become the safer route? I wish I knew the answer to that for sure!

Tomorrow morning, I go in to my acupuncturist for his first attempt to induce through natural acupuncture points. I am very hopeful that this will get things moving. Since the very beginning, my husband has said he feels June 12th will be Andrew's birthday. We went on a walk tonight and talked about how maybe between acupuncture and massage and chiropractor appointments tomorrow, my birthing time will begin and we will have baby Andrew in our arms sometime after midnight on the 12th. It's a beautiful thought! I honestly can't wait to meet my son!!! He's going to change our lives forever, and even though I know it won't be easy, it's going to be one of the most amazing parts of the rest of our lives.

I'm just ready for the rest of our lives to begin! Come on, baby Andrew!!! I'm ready!

Oh, and just as a quick update - other than the anxiety of waiting for him to arrive, I feel great. The chiropractor has really helped a lot with any aches and pains and I'm actually very comfortable. I've only gained 23 pounds total throughout this pregnancy (and have actually just lost 2 lbs in the past couple weeks, which I've heard is normal as you near labor), which is great since I started out a little over weight. I don't have much swelling except some in my feet at the end of the day and some in my face. Overall, I've been very lucky to feel so good over the last weeks.

Also, I didn't update my blog when my parents came, but they were here over Memorial Day weekend and look what my dad made for Andrew's room:

Beautiful, isn't it?? We had a wonderful weekend with my parents, and I can't wait to see them again when they come up in (hopefully) just a few days.

And in the interest of posting some good pics, here are pics of me with each of my parents right before we left for dinner at The Melting Pot. We were celebrating their 42nd wedding anniversary!! I'm so lucky to have parents that love each other so much and still have such a passion for each other. I know I will cherish these pictures forever!

Hopefully the next time I post, it'll be a photo-bomb of baby Andrew!!!