Monday, May 13, 2013

First Mother's Day and 11 Months!

I have been so busy, I have had to let a few things go that I really wanted to do - like keeping up with this blog. I've still been taking lots of pictures, though, and Andrew is growing up so fast!

This time last year, I was so so huge and pregnant and swollen, but excited. Now, I can hardly believe a year has passed and my sweet baby is almost 1 year old! How did time fly so quickly? I go back and forth between being happy and being so sad that soon, my baby won't be such a baby anymore. He'll be a little toddler walking around and talking and growing up. I am so grateful to be a mommy. I had a wonderful first Mother's Day!

There were only two things keeping it from being perfect. One is that I couldn't spend time with my mother. She's just too far away for a quick trip. We got to talk and catch up on the phone, but it's just never the same. The second is that I have way too many friends and people I love who are still waiting to become mothers. It just breaks my heart. A good friend of mine actually experienced a painful miscarriage yesterday. My heart goes out to her and to all my friends who are still waiting for this day to be a happy one instead of one filled with anxiety or worry or pain. Still, I want to be joyful and grateful for what I have and for my sweet little boy at the same time. It seems like life is always a balance between joy and pain, isn't it?

Mother's Day also happened to fall on Andrew's 11 month bday! I love and cherish every day with this little guy. It terrifies me that he's starting to pull up on everything, and I know it won't be long until he's climbing and walking and getting into everything! I'm not sure I'm ready for all that! But I'm finding ways to work when he's asleep and spend as much time with him as I can when he's awake. I'm figuring out this whole balance thing (finally) and actually just completed my new book, which will be published May 21st. There are a lot of days I still don't have it together, but I'm getting there.

I'll hope to post an 11 month official update with pics later this week if I can. We're planning a nautical themed birthday bash for Andrew's first with a pool party and I can't wait!!! Invites should go out next week!

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