Sunday, March 10, 2013

Visit With Tia Janet!

We had a very special visitor here this weekend. George's sister, Janet, came to visit all the way from Miami! This was the first time I have met her in person, and it was so fun to spend time with her after all these years. She and Andrew loved each other instantly!!!

He liked playing with the buttons on her sweater the first day.

She was trying to teach him to say "tia" for aunt and to give her un besito (kiss). She finally got one slobbery kiss from him right before she left for the evening!

Tia Janet and Abuelita came back today and we all spent the whole day together. At the house, they got to play game together and have some fun, and then we went out to the Cheesecake Factory for Janet's birthday and Andrew was such a gentleman! He was super tired, though, and passed out right as soon as we got home.

We all had such a fun time!! Thank you Janet for coming all the way to North Carolina to come see us! Andrew misses you already!

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